Monday, November 21, 2011


Dear Lizzie,
It's been over a month now since we've posted and I think we're in need of a little foodspiration - just a nudge, or maybe a push, in the right direction. I know it isn't the desire to cook or bake that we lack (I made an Indian-inspired meal on Friday that I was quite thrilled about!), but maybe it's something different. I'm hoping this letter will be that little nudge that puts us back on our feet, back in the kitchen(with a camera), and back on the blog.

So the other day, I 15 or 20 years when VH1 makes hologram TV specials "I Love the First 11 Years of the 2000s" (it's a working title), will there be a featurette on blogging? Just imagine some washed up celebrity or reality show star (yes, there will be a featurette on them, too!) talking about how blogs exploded in the early 2000s, and undermine the whole world of blogging as if it were the computer equivalent to the pet rock. They'll laugh and joke about how everyone and their grandmother had a blog. Blogs about everything from crafts to coffee to the contents of womens' purses. And in my pondering, I imagined myself in front of my hologram television thinking about how offended I was that they would make fun of blogging and also how happy I was to have been a part of that world. Now, if we never keep up with this, we can never feel personally affronted by VH1 for exploiting our twenty-something hobby slash creative outlet, right?

How accomplished do you feel after writing a post? Don't you want to tell all your friends and co-workers to read it? to see your wonderfully creative recipes? to let them in on that little part of your life, however scary it may be to put yourself out there for the cyberworld to judge, to love, or ignore? Let's think back to that excitement we had the weekend we created Nectar at the Roadside. Recreate it! Don't lose it! Let's be foodspired and fashionspried poemspried and worldspired! Okay?


just remember...

Our food doesn't have to look like this* just has to taste like it looks like this.

...and if it doesn't, that's okay, too. We can make food mistakes, blog mistakes, and photo mistakes.

We don't have to dress or look like KeikoLynn to feel fabulous...

...we already are. Duh!

Kitties make everything better...

And most importantly...

Dolly Parton believes in you.


*photo taken from Joylicious, who takes some of the most beautiful food photos ever.

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