Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumn Overload (and some soup)

Is anybody else as excited as I am about fall? I love everything about this season. The cool, crisp air that smells of spice and crunching leaves. Wrapping myself in a scarf and wearing boots, going pumpkin picking (even if it happens to just be at a roadside stand), and scooping the guts out of the pumpkin for carving. And maybe most of all, I love the food. Pumpkins, apples, pies, sweet potatoes. I've said it before, but I'm not sure I've truly gotten across my love of Autumn. If I could be any spice, I'd be cinnamon, and then I could eternally live in Autumn. It's so warm and comforting, but it also packs some heat. Sweet and sassy!

*Courtesy of Bailey Joyce

On Sunday, I went pumpkin picking with my friends, and shortly after, we each carved our choice pumpkins. I, of course, chose to carve a cat. Fargo was impressed. (and naturally quite curious)

We finished off the night with some Halloween movies (nothing scary, as I really dislike horror movies). I feel as though I did a sufficient job paying homage to my favorite season.

Unfortunately, my camera was dead, so I was unable to take pictures of the pumpkin soup I made on Saturday (but maybe you've heard enough about pumpkins for today?) So instead, enjoy some sweet potato soup!

Sweet Potatoes + Yukon Golds = Potato Heaven

I bought a whole bunch of leeks at the Farmer's Market. They are so pretty!
...but beware. Even though they're milder than regular onions, they'll still make you cry.

It's all coming together...

Now doesn't that look delicious? The perfect little lunch for a crisp Autumn day.

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